Petite Vampire Seeress

"I will always tell you the truth."

--Alice Cullen

Alice Cullen is a member of the Olympic coven of The Adamant Court. An adopted member of the Cullen family, married to Jasper Hale, and resides at the family home in Forks, Washington. She has the rare gift of precognition, allowing her to see possible futures unfolding for anyone who was born human, including bite-transformed shifters and other vampires.

Personality Edit

At her core, Alice is a deeply optimistic person, who cares for her family as though they were her own flesh and blood. An independent spirit, she is inclined to follow her heart and do things her own way, even if means ignoring advice from others. Moreover, this tends to work out nicely for her, since she's quite insightful after all. A kind and compassionate soul, she loves to lavish tokens of affection on others, enjoying seeing their happiness. To that end, she does have expensive tastes, loving to shop, indulge in makeovers, and otherwise embrace a fun, whimsical approach to life. Beneath the bubbly exterior, she is at her core much like her adopted father: selfless, caring, and fiercely protective of what she loves.


ART Edit


Alice is a skilled artist, particularly good at drawing and sketching. With her vampiric charisma and artistic inclination, she's a fair hand at most other varieties of expression as well.



Among the most agile of her kind, Alice moves like an acrobat, a dancer, and a gymnast, all rolled into one. She can perform leaps and jumps that seem to defy the laws of physics, and her limber mobility utter belies the stone-like strength of her body, making her form seem nearly fluid.



One of the more offbeat uses Alice has developed for her precognition is the ability to play the stock market. As a result of this, she has become very well-informed and experienced with the worlds of business and high finance.



Alice is an expert fighter, particularly adept at acrobatic and evasive maneuvers. Her stile is marked by creative use of agility and creative approaches, seldom relying on raw power or even her natural speed.



Alice is one of the most socially inclined of her kind, and her unique gifts make her even better at it. In any social setting and nearly any role, from guest to hostess to event planner, she absolutely shines. She's very good at saying what needs to be said (or keeping quiet) at the right time to get the desired reaction she wants.



Quite the fashionista and a skilled designer, Alice is quite talented and experienced at knowing how to pull together something stylish, whether it comes to an event, a wardrobe, or nearly anything else. There is virtually no social occasion she can't plan for and shine, in nearly any role.




Alice is at near the peak of agility for her kind, possessing agility that nearly reaches the Supernatural level. Vampires of this type possess agility several times that of peak human potential, allowing them to catch arrows with moderate effort or dodge bullets with a bit of luck. This also allows for visibly enhanced running speed and reflexes, from ten to twenty times human norms.



Vampires of this type exude an aura of appeal. Their features, their voices, and even their scent (which contain pheromones that appeal to humans) are designed to make these predators more appealing to humans. This allows them to easily draw in those of weaker will, whether to make them prey or simply hold their attention more effectively in a social situation.



Alice has the special gift of precognition, allowing her to see the various possible futures created by each decision a person makes. (As one might imagine, this can be quite distracting at times.) Usually she must focus in order to receive her visions, though powerful enough visions can come upon her without warning. This power is generally not blocked by "shield" type powers, though any supernatural creature who was never human--such as a born shifter, a fairy, etc--exists as a "blind spot" to her, actively inhibiting her sight. This prevents her from reading their future, but it also prevents her from reading anyone very physically close to them, and if she is close enough to one of them, it can allow her to suppress her own visions.



Vampires of this type have strong regenerative powers, sufficient to recover from even lethal wounds without great loss of ability. Minor wounds heal almost instantly, and even severe wounds heal within a few hours to a few days, usually "off screen." Extensive healing may take longer, such as if they need to reattach a limb.



Vampires of this type have vastly enhanced senses, capable of detecting levels of minutia that are well beyond human sensory input. Indeed, the spectrum of sensory information available to vampires actually makes it difficult for them to remember details from when they were human. However, experiences from the time they become a vampire are always recalled with precise clarity, no matter how old they may be. They can see in the dark, track scents by blood alone, hear a heartbeat from over a mile away if conditions are quiet enough, and listen in on conversations from a great distance. They can see with the accuracy of a bird or prey, spotting small targets from over a mile away.



Vampires of this type are able to run in bursts so fast that the eye can scarcely follow. While they do not take all actions at this speed, they are easily able to run at faster than two hundred miles per hour, in many cases approaching three hundred miles per hour or more.



While Alice does have enhanced strength, she is at the low end for one of her kind. Vampires of this type possess physical strength sufficient to bend and twist metal bars, smash through most non-armored structures, and break through a brick wall with sustained moderate effort. Usually able to push up to a few tons and dead lift a small motor vehicle. In Alice's case, she is at perhaps half this level.



Vampires of this type have enhanced toughness and are much harder to kill. With skin as hard as stone, their toughness is sufficient to shrug off what would be lethal wounds for ordinary humans. If damaged, they break like stone, but they can recover if most of the pieces are reassembled. They are vulnerable to fire, however.



Vampire venom is a potent toxin, easily capable of killing any creature that lacks enhanced level toughness or regeneration (or beyond). In the case of humans, the venom has the power to transform them into vampires. It simply kills animals. Most other supernatural creatures are immune to the venom's effects, though it will often cause them great pain and weakness until it has left the system.



Alice is part of the Olympic coven of the Adamant Court, which means that she enjoys the protection of close friends and family, as well as having many contacts amongst her kind. With such strong backing, she never has to worry about lacking support when it is needed, and she can frequently find someone to provide for any need she might have.


Vampires of this type are uncommonly beautiful, not only due to their porcelain perfect skin and their exuded aura of appeal, but the transformation literally refines their features, turning a plain human into a lovely vampire and an attractive human into a stunning immortal beauty. In Alice's case, she was always pretty, and as a vampire she (quite ironically) glows with vibrant life and vitality.



Vampires of this type are extremely resistant to damage. However, the venom within their bodies is highly flammable. Thus, if their venom--such as through a wound--is ever exposed to flame, they will burn very rapidly. This is the surest way to kill one of them.


This variety of vampire exudes strong pheromones that are highly appealing to humans. However, many other supernatural creatures with enhanced senses, particularly most varieties of werewolf, find this scent vile and offensive--as well as easily to detect and track. As such, while the pheromones of a vampire make them much more effective as human-hunters, it can also make them prey if they are not careful.


This variety of vampire does not suffer all of the classical vulnerabilities of its kind, but they do require blood to maintain their strength. A starving vampire will not die, but they do risk entering a highly dangerous "starvation mode" wherein they will be hard-pressed not to hunt the first blood source they encounter. Feeding on human blood turns the vampire's eyes red, while animal blood turns them gold. When starving, their eyes turn black. While they are not vulnerable to sunlight, their crystal-like skin does reflect it prominently, which will quickly reveal what they are if they aren't careful. This type of vampire is also plagued by highly intense emotions, many times stronger than those of humans, which makes self-control more difficult to learn. It may also affect the way they register to the senses of empaths.

Born in Biloxi, Mississippi in 1901, Alice was unusual for her whole life. Her visions of the future altered the course of her life, and when as a girl she predicted the deaths of a friend as a cousin, which later came true, she was labeled a "witch" by the others in the town. Later, she had a vision of her mother being murdered, but despite Alice's warnings, her mother was still killed. Her father remarried "a blonde Yankee from Illinois," who lavished affection on Alice's sister but treated Alice with scorn. When a vision revealed that Alice's father had killed her mother, he had her committed to an insane asylum.

There, Alice was terribly treated, enduring electro-shock therapy until she developed amnesia. It was a vampire who worked there that began to treat her kindly, but she had another vision: James a ruthless killer who would track them down and kill them. The vampire bit and changed Alice to give her a fighting chance, sacrificing himself to distract James so that she could escape. When James finally found her, she had completed her transformation, and he elected to let her live out of twisted curiosity to see what she would become. Guided by her visions, she adopted the "vegetarian" lifestyle of a vampire who does not drink human blood. In 1948, she finally met her destined love, Jasper, and the two became very close very quickly.

By 1950, she had joined the Cullen family as the adopted daughter of Carlisle and Esme, and she was able to marry Jasper. For public deception, Alice adopted the surname Cullen, while Jasper took the name Hale. They became happy living with the Cullens, and Alice became especially close to her adopted brother, Edward, as his ability read thoughts affected him similarly to her own psychic visions.

Years later, Edward met Bella while the Cullens were living in Forks, and Alice made it a point to befriend the girl. She was the first of the family to embrace Bella and treat her as if she belonged, and when James resurfaced and targeted Bella, Alice and Jasper helped to try to hide her from him. Thanks to Alice's visions, when James does catch up with Bella in Phoenix, they are able to rescue her in time. Alice personally fabricates the evidence to cover up the vampire attack and the death of James from the mortal authorities. When they return to Forks, Alice enthusiastically gets everyone involved in the high school prom to lift their spirits.

Alice arranged an eighteenth birthday party for Bella, but an accidental paper cut led to Jasper losing control, and in his zeal to protect Bella, Edward accidentally injured her. This led the Cullens to decide to leave Forks, attempting to separate from the danger they felt they had put Bella in. Alice took the time to investigate her past, learning about her family and history. After months had passed, she received a vision of Bella leaping off a cliff, seemingly to her death, and rushed back to Forks. She was relieved to find Bella safe, but word had gotten back to Edward of Bella's supposed death by this time.

Despondent, he traveled to Volterra, Italy to reveal himself to the world and force the Volturi, the ruling coven of their court, to kill him. Alice brought Bella there, stealing a Porch 911 Turbo to get there in time, and was able to use her gifts to convince Aro, one of the leaders of the Volturi, that Bella was destined to become a vampire, and thus their secret was safe. By the time they had all returned to Forks, the rest of the Cullens were there to greet them. Things have been fairly quiet since then, but only time will tell how long that may last...