Faërie is the home of the fae, a realm located in the Otherworld. The Courts of Faërie primarily include the Seelie Court and the Unseelie Court, though less official courts, such as the Goblin Court, are also known to exist. Faërie can be reached via a number of methods, such as via passage through the Ways.

The land of Faërie itself has very complex geography, such that it would be easy to become lost there if one is not very familiar with it. The borders are not set, and the distance between locations may be as much about ideas and associations as direction or orientation. There are lands within the realm for each of the courts, and those lands reflect their masters. The Seelie Court is a land of eternal summer and bounty, while the Unseelie Court is often spooky and unsettling, a mysterious land where Halloween always seems on its way.

Between the realms of the courts lies open, wild country. It can be nearly anything, and it often embodies classic images from fairy tales and mortal fancies. They closely border the Dreamlands.

Logs featuring Faërie:

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