The Willful Omega

"Oh and, FYI: I'm everyone's type."

--Jackson Whittemore

Jackson is an overachiever and one of the most well-known students of Beacon Hills High School. He is the former captain of the lacrosse team, but his family moved to England during the summer. However, he came back on his own, having acquired his inheritance and ready to claim his destiny as well.

Personality Edit

Jackson comes off as arrogant and contentious at times, but he also has these turns of innocence and purity. He can charm, he has a sharp wit, and under it all, there's a profound emotional injury that is slow to heal. He can wear false bravado, but he also possesses a tremendous courage at times. Even if he sets himself up as necessarily solitary -- he always wants to be the pinnacle, the top, the absolute apex -- he is most motivated when acting on behalf of those important to him, those he cares about, and usually more than he cares about himself.

He struggles with profound self-worth issues; nothing he does is ever good enough for him, especially if he becomes aware of anyone else possessing something he sees as superior. He has in many ways internalized both his overachieving fixation and his external superiority, to the extent that it has become natural. Through the difficult struggles of the past few months, though, more of his real vulnerability and tenderness has come to the fore...and thankfully, he has allowed it to remain there, at least to some that he trusts.

It is difficult and a lengthy process for him to come to trust anyone. It's easier for him to push people away when they get too close, especially if he finds himself legitimately caring for them. Most people are conveniently kept at arm's length. Similarly, Jackson resents most all authority, especially since most such arrangements require for him to acknowledge a kind of superior position. Unless a profound bond of trust is formed between him and such a figure, it will not go well. Because of this, he most often either feels a need to be the superior position himself or simply avoid hierarchy for his own mental well-being.




Jackson is an overachiever in all parts of his life, academics included. He is a good student and works harder than is strictly necessary to maintain the grades needed for sports participation.



Jackson not only keeps himself in great shape, but he's excellent at a number of sports to a superlative level. He is able to lead a sports team as captain and can perform exceptionally even at competitive fields as different as swimming and lacrosse.



Jackson is well-trained in fighting and approaches it with the relentless overachieving attitude he has for everything. Of course, the training deals with theoretical approach and ideal circumstances, so Jackson's ability will improve regarding real-world engagements as he learns from fighting outside the gym.




Jackson's agility is far superior to a human's, allowing him to catch arrows with moderate effort and dodge bullets with a bit of luck. In addition, his running speed and reflexes are ten to twenty times human norms.



All werewolves have a predatory aura about them which makes them seem naturally threatening to non-supernatural beings, such as humans and animals. With a little concentrated effort, Jackson can dominate weaker-willed humans, and even the largest, most predatory animal is likely to submit when Jackson growls with his eyes glowing.



In his werewolf form, Jackson has sharp fangs and a jaw powerful enough to shatter bones, but his real weapons are his claws, which can carve through stone and even steel.



Werewolves are capable of absorbing and alleviating the pain of others. In a manner, this tends to work as a limited version of healing and can be used to help others.



Jackson's senses are heightened to the level of a wolf. When he causes his eyes to glow, his night vision becomes excellent, far better than a human's. His hearing is also greatly enhanced in any form. The truly superior sense, however is smell: with a little concentration, Jackson can pick up scents that are days or even weeks old, and he furthermore can isolate individual scents in a sea of aromas.



Jackson is strong enough to crush or bend metal, even dead-lifting up to a few tons with an effort. He punches are hard enough to crack stone.



Jackson is tough enough to shrug off or endure non-lethal wounds from personal-level weaponry (swords, handguns, rifles, shotguns) without great loss of ability. His enhanced regeneration allows minor wounds to heal almost instantly, and even severe damage can be soaked up to a point, healing within a relatively short period of time.

However, Jackson is also able to endure lethal wounds and, miraculously, recover from them as well. Deadly damage may cause him to enter a deathlike state in length proportional to the level of injury where, for all intents and purposes, he seems dead. But after a fairly short period of time in most cases, he will revive, fully recovered. In certain cases he may not need the recovery state and can instantly recover, though this is rare.


CAR Edit

Jackson has a black Porsche with the custom license plate JCKSN37. It's like new and maintained very well.


Jackson's adoptive family is not only particularly well off, but as his adoptive father is an attorney, Jackson has access to free legal advice and intervention with a high likelihood of success.


Jackson is the sole heir to the estates of both his birth parents and his adoptive parents. When he turned 18, he received his full inheritance from his birth parents, though the affluence of his adoptive family means he is, plainly speaking, rich. He lives in comfort, enjoys the finer things, and potentially will never have to worry about anything financially.



During a full lunar eclipse, a werewolf is powerless and essentially human.


Jackson suffers from a persistent need to be the superlative in any and every way he can be. He is so driven by this need that he is more than willing to endanger his own life to achieve what he sees as a higher degree of perfection. He is also profoundly affected by others achieving anything he sees as superior compared to himself, and it can drive him to keep up or outdo them.


The wood of the rowan tree, also known as mountain ash, creates a supernatural barrier against many supernatural creatures, including werewolves.


Aconite, also known as wolfsbane and monkshood, is a flowering plant which is poisonous to humans, but is especially deadly to werewolves. When introduced into a werewolf's system, whether through ingestion, inhalation, or directly into the blood, wolfsbane slows or even stops the natural healing process. It also forces uncontrollable shifting and increasing weakness, eventually leading to death if left untreated.

Jackson Whittemore was born the day after his parents died in a car accident. His mother was kept alive just long enough for him to be delivered via c-section, and he was quickly adopted by attorney David Whittemore and his wife, brought up as their own dear son. Once he learned that he was adopted, however, and the circumstances of his birth, he grew emotionally distant to the Whittemores and began to push himself to extremely unrealistic and unfair expectations.

Jackson's drive towards perfection made him excel in so many things that, by the time he entered high school, he was already well-known in Beacon Hills. He initially joined the swim team and quickly rose to be the captain, but then he switched to lacrosse and, likewise, ascended to the position of captain.

When player Scott McCall began to improve suddenly, it piqued Jackson's interest. He had to find out what Scott's secret was, and of course he wouldn't stop before finding it out. After all kinds of strange incidents and clues leading Jackson on, he determined that Scott must be a werewolf and became fixated on the thought of becoming one, naturally, Jackson proceeded to blackmail Scott into helping him.

The two became a little closer (if only to be at each other's throats) as Jackson was coerced into a number of things on Scott's behalf and even drawn into the struggle between the werewolves and the Argent family of hunters. Jackson helped save Lydia, his on-again, off-again girlfriend, and got her medical attention for her injuries, then contributed to helping the group defeat Peter Hale, the mysterious and dangerous Alpha that had for some time threatened Beacon Hills.

It was after this that he finally succeeded in finding what he had sought for all this time: the bite.

Jackson's detective work and dedication paid off when he approached Derek Hale and managed to get a bite out of it. However, his body rejected the bite at first, and eventually he began to have blackouts that he assumed were caused by uncontrollably shifting into werewolf form. Unable to find Derek for advice, he soon discovered that he possessed certain abilities that were irrefutable proof, in his mind, that a change had taken place.

During this time, the Kanima had become a huge threat in Beacon Hills, and for some time these mysterious events continued, until it started to become clear to Jackson that he had become dangerous and unpredictable...and then it became clear that he himself was the Kanima and being manipulated by others. He tried very hard to protect those dear to him, like Lydia and Danny. When it was unavoidable that his power would be a threat, he tried to stop himself by fatally injuring himself with his own claws. It seemed that Jackson's life had ended in tragedy.

But as had happened before, fatal injury only caused Jackson to give the appearance of death and, not long after, he recovered. Manipulated by Argent family hunter Gerard, he again attacked Scott's pack and his own friends, but Gerard was incapacitated, freeing Jackson. Finally, Lydia managed to help him to have an emotional breakthrough, and he transformed for the first time into a werewolf, freed of the Kanima and its manipulative influence.

Having come to terms with so many things over a period of just a few months, Jackson moved with his family to England before the new school year began. But after a short time abroad, he made the choice to return to Beacon Hills, supported by his parents feeling it would be a good learning experience for him. Even if he might not say it in the same words, the best friends he ever had were in Beacon Hills, and Jackson belonged there.

Logs featuring Jackson Whittemore:

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