"I guess I'm just that good!"

--Liam Dunbar

Liam is a freshman in high school, who just moved from Beacon Hills after an unfortunate incident where he trashed his coach's car. There is some speculation that his I.E.D. might really be symptoms of something else.

Personality Edit

Liam is a sweet guy at heart, who is very loyal to his friends. On the surface however he's a competitive overachiever with a temper. He doesn't mean to loose control it just happens.


Liam has a fresh-faced, bright-eyed look about him that might, considering he stands not quite five and a half feet tall, lead one to mistake him for being younger than he really is. Somewhere in his mid-teens, he has a slim build with broad shoulders and lean, sculpted muscles.

His features are youthful but classically handsome, with a strong but not overpronounced jaw and defined but not jutting cheekbones. There's a certain reticence in his manner at times, almost a shyness, though a warm smile does sometimes slip past the guarded exterior.

He tends to wear simple shirts, either tees or fitted, collarless pullovers, along with snug jeans or colorful trousers and bright-hued sneakers. He occasionally wears a hoodie or light jacket, though half the time they end up tied around his waist by the sleeves.




Liam has always been smarter than he looks or acts. However he is currently focused a little more on his athletics, and the results of his IED, are currently keeping him from operating at his true potential. Even as such he's still maintaining a low A average.



Liam is a natural at all things physical. He works out often as a way to keep his I.E.D. in check. He was in line to be the first freshman Team captain for the lacrosse team at Devonford Prep before he got kicked out. Even though he's short and young the kid is in excellent shape, and can our preform most humans even a few years older than him.



After the incident with the Coach's car, Liam's counselor suggested he find an outlet that was slightly let physical than a sport. So Liam picked up the drums he's always loved music, and there is something very relaxing almost zen about playing an instrument.




Liam comes from a wealthy family. His stepdad is a skilled surgeon, and his mom works from home as a web designer. Both are very supportive of him and help him worth through his issues. Liam is one of those lucky kids who isn't spoiled, but also never really wants for anything. If he wants something all he has to do is show he's serious about it and work for it and he'l probably get it.


iam might be a little Cocky. Okay a lot Cocky he's good and he knows it. Competitive and talented, he strives for perfection in every thing he does and usually achieves it.


I.E.D. Edit

Intermittent Explosive Disorder. Liam has recently been diagnosed with IED, after his anger at his coach caused an Unfortunate incident with his coach's car. He angers easily and uncontrollably, but afterward he's filled with remorse and shame. There are some people who think that this might actually be a symptom of something else. Something a little less normal.


The Down side of being a talented overachiever? When you fail you tend to excel at that too, while he can usually play them off he scores some pretty epic fails.

Liam was born to a single mother who was a web designer. Before he was really old enough to ask questions about his birth father. his best friend Mason's moms introduced his mom to a doctor friend of theirs and Liam had a new dad. Liam's mom never mentioned his identity and Liam isn't aware that he has a trust fund set up by his mysterious father to take care of him. He was one of those kids whom seemed to excel at everything. Beyond that he was a normal kid a slight temper. That temper continued to grow, until he'd have outbursts of rage followed by equally intense bouts of remorse and shame. Eventually he was diagnosed with I.E.D. His step dad introduced him to Lacrosse as an outlet a way to burn off his agression. Liam was all set to be the first ever freshman captain of Devonford Prep's lacrosse team. But his coach had to bench him for the season instead after one too many temper flare ups caused fights. After being benched Liam couldn't control himself and trashed his coach's car getting himself kicked out of Devonford. He was about to transfer to Beacon Hills High , when certain people noticed the car trashing happened on a full moon, combined a mysterious father who left a trust fund for him. After that certain strings were pulled and his step father was offered a very good paying job at the Local hospital. Liam was rather sullen about the whole thing until he realized his childhood best friend, who had moved the read before, was in the same city. Getting to be with his best friend again made all his complaint go out the window, and now he's looking forward to a fresh start.