Setting Edit

The game, itself, is set in Washington State. Other locations, such as Oregon and California, are only included as reference points. For example, this allows us to show the difference in location between, say, Forks and Beacon Hills. (Beacon Hills is no longer a playable location.)

Time and Weather CodeEdit

The game is set in "present day," and we have various code in place to help give a sense of setting and ambiance. This includes date, time of day, weather, the phases of the moon, and other such "setting" information.

Please understand that, in a general sense, these contrivances are meant to serve as role-play aids, not to stand in the way of storytelling or to limit anyone's creativity or ability to play. That would be silly.

If you need to do a weekend scene, but it's Tuesday? Timewarp it. You are absolutely free to do so. If you need it to be night but it's day? Same answer. If you want a rainy scene but the code says it's clear? Cheat.

The point is, the setting-related code is there to help, not to hijack, the stories we tell. Please never let the code get in the way of your ability to be creative here and have fun.