• The Nemeton is an ancient site of druidic power.
  • It acts as a beacon to supernatural creatures, drawing them to it.
  • It can also serve as an extremely powerful focus for magical energies, similar to a Hellmouth but far more open-ended, as it is not explicitly linked to any specific power.
  • It was reawakened by a blood sacrifice, completed by Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, and Allison Argent.
  • It was restored on August 28, 2013, as part of the Dislocation plot finale.

Description Edit

The woods grow particularly dense in this region, but when one comes to this particular site, they begin to thin out. Eventually, they give way to a large clearing. The ground is bare of undergrowth, and there is a stillness in the air, as though even many of the forest's animals tend to avoid this place. In the center of the clearing, a single, massive oak tree dominates the space.

Its trunk is easily six feet across, with a spread of roots reaching much farther and branches extending just as far, above. The thick, twisting branches of the ancient-looking tree completely cover the clearing, leaving the sky almost impossible to glimpse. Growing with moss and gnarled with age, one might expect the tree to appear weak or damaged with time, but oddly enough it seems to have all the supple strength of new growth, yet still stands as solid as stone. The tree is palpably vibrant, alive. Even those with no particular mystic senses can perceive the faint hum of life, calling out its silent beckoning.

Logs featuring The Nemeton:

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