IC game play opens in summer of 2015.

Summer 2015 Edit

  • Jason Christopher comes to Forks, seeking allies to help him depose his father, the insane self-styled Lord of the Werewolves, and becomes allied with Jacob Black and his pack. Together, they also travel to Beacon Hills, where Jason knows Talia Hale's family lived, to seek additional allies.
  • Around the same time, a group of unknown conspirators came to Beacon Hills, CA, to use the power of the ancient Nemeton to awaken a horrible monster known as The Beast. They were foiled, in part thanks to a hasty alliance with the wolves from the north, but the resulting awakening of the Nemeton made it too dangerous to allow supernatural creatures to exist close to it. The Nemeton was sealed away, and it was decided that the supernatural beings in Beacon Hills would need to be moved elsewhere.
  • Following these events, Alan Deaton begins sending the various supernatural beings of Beacon Hills north to Forks, where the Quileute Wolfpack has welcomed them out of respect for their newfound friendship. As the opening of game play approaches, many of the characters from Beacon Hills have resettled in Forks.
  • Meanwhile, also in Forks, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen have been recently reunited after a close call with the Volturi. This has led to them being estranged from Bella's former best friend, Jacob Black. Jacob and the pack were distracted from all this, however, due aiding Jason Christopher against his father.
  • The Beacon Hills pack, the Cullens, and the Quileute Wolfpack join together to help Jason depose his father, a conflict that ends with Jason dueling his father to the death and, after winning, electing to return to Forks with Jacob and the others.
  • At the open of game play, the characters in Forks and La Push are all mysteriously afflicted with the events of the Existential Dread Plot...